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Iloilo: A Growing Metropolis

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Iloilo has always been a premier province in the country.  Located at the center of the Philippine archipelago, it comprises the southeastern part of Panay island.  It is a province with rich historical and cultural heritage, the home of various fiestas and festivals celebrated in the city and various towns of the province with “Dinagyang” as the most popular and nationally acclaimed shindig.  The city is also known for its grand and magnificent mansions, majestic century-old churches and exotic food and extraordinary delicacies. The capital city of the province of Iloilo is Iloilo City.  It is a fast-growing modern city yet has always maintained its old charm and unspoiled...

Where to Stay in Iloilo City

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  Iloilo City is slowly climbing its way as a top destination not only because of its natural resources but also because major businesses are branching out in this little city. So it won’t be surprising to know that accommodation and room rates will also increase in the near future. If you are a non-Iloilo native and you would want to stay in Iloilo, looking for a place to stay will not be an easy task. Although Iloilo Hotels are readily available, it won’t be convenient if you will stay in the city longer. But you can put all of those worries in the past because now we have Townsville Studios located in Aurora Blvd. Let’s talk a little bit...

Iloilo: Where to Go, What to Do

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It is no coincidence that foreigners are flocking in Iloilo City. They did not randomly appear in the streets while they were on their way to some sophisticated cities. They are here, or should I say, they keep coming back in this little piece of heaven because they have found something special in the City of Love – an endless supply of natural and man-made getaway destinations. Aside from the fact that Iloilo is just 6 hours away from Boracay Island, the city itself and the province as a whole boast a wide variety of destinations for the people who take traveling into a different level and treats new experience as another...

Iloilo: Sunshine and City Lights

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Iloilo is a well-loved place sandwiched between the three great Panay provinces and coastal Guimaras Island. Throughout the years, it has been known for its productive agriculture, refined textile exports, active commerce and of course, the soft gentleness of the Ilonggo accent. The city was founded in 1571 and later on became the capital of the province in 1688. Although the province, as well as the city, had its ups and downs but it remained on the solid ground of economic growth and steady efforts for progress. Iloilo is known for strong familial ties as well as for the prominent families residing. It is a place heavily dedicated in...


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Take a sneak peak of Townsville Studios Aurora Branch. This would be the place that you will consider your second home, a place where modern living meets...

Townsville Studios Aurora

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Townsville Studios Aurora Subdivision, Iloilo City   Townsville Studios is your second home in the metro. The four level condotel is located in Doña Aurora Subdivision, Iloilo City and is functioning 24/7 to cater transient as well as long staying individuals looking for a comfortable place to stay in Iloilo. Here are the specific amenities that you will surely enjoy at Townsville Studios. The Room of Your Dreams. The 36-room studio-type condotel has spacious units that average around 25 square meters and a family room at a whopping 45 square meters. You can enjoy the city’s scenic skyline view from your own balcony or flip through the channels with cable TV...